U.S. Geological
The most common types of
Water Supply Papers for an area can be
Survey Water Supply
geophysical data are
located by any of the computer searches or
available from seismic and
published indexes described in the first
resistivity surveys.
section of this paper.
In addition, the
USGS also publishes geophysical maps of
various types at relatively small scales for
many areas of the U.S.
Aeromagnetic maps
have been completed for much of the U.S.,
although the flight altitude of several
thousand meters and scale of 1:24,000 make
these maps too general for most site
specific work.
Well Log Libraries
Electric logs for many
The geophysical logs are indexed by survey
Electric Log
petroleum wells can be
To obtain information on wells in
obtained from one of
a given area, it is necessary to compile a
P.O. Box 3150
several well log libraries
list of the townships, ranges, and section
Midland, TX 79702
in the U.S.
numbers covering the area.
Tel: (915) 682 7773
Geophysical Survey
Specific geophysical logs
Proprietary geophysical data can sometimes
be obtained from private survey firms.
general, the original client must approve
the exchange of information, and preference
is given for academic purposes.
If the
information cannot be released, firms may be
willing to provide references to published
information they obtained before the survey,
or information published as a result of the
NGDC maintains a computer
Site studies for many projects now require
National Geophysical
database which contains
information regarding the seismicity of the
Data Center (NGDC)
information on earthquake
region surrounding the site.
The National
Chief, Solid Earth
occurrences from
Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) of the
prehistoric times to the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric
325 Broadway
Historic U.S.
Administration (NOAA) is a focal point for
Boulder, CO 80303
earthquakes are included
dissemination of earthquake data and
(303) 497 6521
for the period starting in
information for both technical and general
Fax (303) 497 6513
NGCD also maintains
users, except for information on recent
databases on other
(Information about recent
parameters, such as
earthquakes can be obtained by contacting
topography, magnetics,
the USGS.)
gravity, and other topics.
For a fee, a search can be made for one of
the following parameters:
Geographic area (circular or rectangular
Time period (staring 1638 for U.S.)
Magnitude range
Intensity (Modified Mercalli)
A4 9
November 1992






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