Branch of
Index and quadrangle maps
A map should be ordered by name, series, and
for the eastern U.S. and
Mapping of an area is commonly
U.S. Geological
for states west of the
available at two different scales.
Mississippi River,
quadrangle name is, in some instances, the
Maps Sales
including Alaska, Hawaii,
same for both maps; where this occurs, it is
Box 25286, Federal
and Louisiana.
especially important that the requestor
scales are available.
specify the series designation, such as 7.5
Denver, CO 80225
minute (1:24,000), 15 minute (1:62,500), or
(303) 236 7477
two degree (1:250,000).
Commercial map
Topographic and geologic
Commercial map supply houses often have full
supply houses
state topographic inventories that may be
out of print through national distribution
Topographic Database
A variety of topography
The data were attained from U.S. government
National Geophysical
and terrain data sets
agencies, academic institutions, and private
Data at NOAA
available for use in
Code E/GCI
geoscience applications.
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 497 6764
U.S. Geological
This database contains
Printouts and searches are available on a
Survey Topographic
descriptive information
cost recovery basis.
Map Names Database
and official names for
Attn. of Chief:GNIS
approximately 55,000
topographical maps
523 National Center
prepared by the USGS,
Reston, VA 22092
including out of print
(703) 648 4544
Data includes the
names of topographic maps,
along with SE coordinates
of the states in which
they are located.
U.S. Geodata Tapes
These computer tapes
Tapes are available for the entire US,
Dept. of the
contain cartographic data
including Alaska, and Hawaii, and are sold
in digital form.
They are
in 4 thematic layers:
Room 2650
available in two forms.
transportation, hydrography and US Public
18th & C Sts., NW
The graphic form can be
Land Survey System.
Each of the four layers
Washington, DC 20240
used to generate computer 
can be purchased individually.
US Geodata
(202) 208 4047
plotted maps.
tapes can be ordered through Earth Science
topologically structured
Information (ESIC) Center, as well as
form is suitable for input
through the following ESIC offices.
to geographic information
Anchorage, AK   (907) 786 7011; Denver, CO  
system for use in spatial
(303) 236 7477 and 7476; Menlo Park, CA  
analysis and geographic
(415) 329 4309; Reston, VA   (703) 860 6045;
Rolla, MO   (314) 341 0851; Salt Lake City,
UT   (801) 524 5652; Spokane, WA   (509)
456 2524; and Stennis Space Center, MS  
(601) 688 3541 or (601) 353 2524.
A4 5
November 1992






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