The ATTIC system is a
ATTIC is free of charge to all members of
collection of hazardous
the federal, state and private sectors
waste databases that are
involved in site remediation.
ATTIC can be
Information Center
accessed through a
accessed directly by a modem.
Abstracts of
computerized bulletin
reports can be downloaded from the system.
4 Research Place
board system (BBS).
Copies of complete reports are available on
Suite 210
BBS features news items,
(Users register online the first
Rockville, MD 20850
bulletins, and special
time they access ATTIC.)
A User's Manual is
(301) 670 6294
interest conferences.
available and may be obtained by calling the
ATTIC users can access
ATTIC System Operator or leaving a message
(301) 670 3808
several databases
on the bulletin board.
(on line)
including the ATTIC
Database, which contains
over 2,500 records dealing
with alternative and
innovative technologies
for hazardous waste
treatment; and the RREL
Treatability Database,
which provides data on
characteristics and
treatability of a wide
variety of contaminants.
Information from these
sources consists of
treatability information,
case histories, transport
and fate data, and other
technical information.
Also included are the
abstracts of Superfund
Innovative Technology
Evaluation (SITE) reports,
many Records of Decisions
(RODs), State agency
reports, international
programs, and industry
Earth Science
ESDD is a data base that
Also included are data bases that reference
Data Directory
contains information
geographic, sociologic, economic, and
related to the geologic,
demographic information.
Information comes
U.S. Geological
hydrologic, cartographic,
from worldwide data sources and data
Survey (USGS)
and biological sciences.
includes that from NOAA, NSF, NASA, and EPA.
801 National Center
Reston, VA 22092
(703) 648 7112
Local, State,
Site specific assessment
Many states maintain a department of the
Federal, and
data for dams, harbors,
environment or natural resources.
Regional Agencies
river basin impoundments,
can be obtained by contacting the
and Federal highways,
responsible agency.
Surface water and
soils, land use, flood
geological foundation conditions such as
plains, groundwater,
fracture orientation, permeability,
aerial photographs, well
faulting, rippability, and weathered
records, geophysical
profiles are particularly well covered in
borehole logs
these investigations.
University sources
Engineering and geology
College and university geology theses, in
most instances, are well documented studies
dealing with specific areas, generally
prepared under the guidance of faculty
members having expertise in the subject
under investigation.
Most theses are not
A4 2
November 1992






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