Field and Laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control
One of the fundamental responsibilities of the owner/operator is the establishment of
continuing programs to ensure the reliability and validity of field and analytical laboratory
data gathered as part of the overall ground water monitoring program. Chapter One of SW 
846 provides guidance on establishing and maintaining field and laboratory quality control
programs. Specifically, Chapter One of SW 846 provides guidance for the following areas:
Control samples;
Acceptance criteria;
Corrective action for sampling and analysis procedures;
Data handling;
Laboratory control samples;
Method blanks; and
Matrix specific effects.
The owner/operator's QAPjP should explicitly describe the QA/QC program that will
be used in the field and laboratory. The Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) of the project
should be described in terms of precision, accuracy, completeness, representativeness and
comparability for field activities (sampling, measurements, and screening) and laboratory
analyses, including the project required acceptance limits and means to achieve these QA
objectives. Chapter One of SW 846 provides a discussion of DQOs. The QAPjP should
specify the preventative maintenance procedures that will be used for field and laboratory
instruments and ground water monitoring wells. A table showing the type of maintenance to
be performed and the frequency is appropriate. Many owner/operators use commercial
laboratories to conduct analyses of ground water samples. When commercial laboratories are
contracted by the owner/operator to analyze ground water samples, the owner/operator's
QAPjP should be used by the laboratory analyzing the samples for the owner/operator.
As described in Section 3.4.1 of Chapter One of SW 846, both field and laboratory
QC samples should be prepared during the sampling event. Chapter One of SW 846
recommends that the following samples be analyzed with each batch of samples (a batch may
not exceed 20 samples):
November 1992
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