Laboratory Logbook
Once the sample has been received in the laboratory, the sample custodian and/or
laboratory personnel should clearly document the processing steps that are applied to the
sample. All sample preparation techniques and instrumental methods used should be
identified in the laboratory logbook. Experimental conditions, such as the use of specific
reagents, temperatures, reaction times, and instrument settings, should be noted. The results
of the analyses of all laboratory quality control samples should be identified, specific to each
batch of ground water samples analyzed. The laboratory logbook should include the time,
date, and name of the person who performed each processing step.
Analytical Procedures
The QAPjP submitted as part of the permit application should describe in detail the
analytical procedures that will be used to determine the concentrations of constituents or
parameters of interest. These procedures should include suitable analytical methods as well
as proper quality assurance and quality control protocols. Minimum procedures specified in
Chapter One of SW 846 for QAPjPs should be satisfied.
The QAPjP included as part of the permit application should identify an analytical
method that will be used for each specific parameter or target analyte, and that can achieve
the required detection limits. The following should be addressed:
For SW 846 analytical methods, reference SW 846 and the analysis methods
(by method number), including all sample preparation methods. For modified
SW 846, or other standard methods, the analytical procedure and method
detection limits to be used should be documented in the format of a Standard
Operating Procedure (SOP).
For analysis by non SW 846 methods, the following should be provided:
approval of the Regional Administrator for standardized
for EPA or standardized methods, a reference to the source of
the method; and
for non standard methods, a complete SOP with method
detection limit should be included as an integrated part of the
S&A program to be approved by the Regional Administrator and
specified in the permit. Minimum procedures specified in
Chapter One of SW 846 for QAPjPs should be satisfied.
November 1992
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