Sample withdrawal procedure and equipment;
Date and time of collection;
Well sampling sequence;
Types of sample bottles used and sample identification numbers;
Preservatives used;
Parameters requested for analysis;
Field observations of sampling event;
Name of collector;
Weather conditions, including air temperature; and
Internal temperature of field and shipping containers.
Chain of Custody Record
The tracing of sample possession will be accomplished by use of a chain of custody
record as described in Chapter One of SW 846. A chain of custody record should be
completed and should accompany every sample shipment. The chain of custody record
should contain enough copies so that each person possessing the shipment receives his/her
own copy. At a minimum, the chain of custody record should contain the following
Sample number;
Signature of collector;
Date and time of collection;
Sample type (e.g., ground water);
Identification of sampling point (well);
Number of containers;
Analyses requested;
November 1992
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