Screen slot size/design;
Filter pack material and size;
Filter pack volume (calculated and actual);
Filter pack placement method;
Annular sealant composition;
Annular seal placement method;
Annular sealant volume (calculated and actual);
Surface sealant composition;
Surface seal placement method;
Surface sealant volume (calculated and actual);
Surface seal and well apron design/construction;
Well development procedure and ground water turbidity measured at the
completion of well development;
Type and design/construction of protective casing;
Well cap and lock;
Ground surface elevation ( 0.01 ft);
Survey reference point elevation ( 0.01 ft) on well casing;
Top of monitoring well casing elevation ( 0.01 ft); and
Top of protective steel casing elevation ( 0.01 ft).
The owner/operator should document that the following well completion activities
were performed appropriately:
Selection of construction materials for the casing and screen;
Selection of the well diameter, screen length, and screen slot size;
November 1992
6 51






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