should be a system described in the literature, and should be summarized or
referenced in the permit application. For example, soils may be described
using the Unified Soil Classification System, and rock may be described using
the classification schemes of Dunham (1962) for carbonates, Pettijohn et al.
(1972) for sandstones, Potter et al. (1980) for shales, and the common textural
and compositional classification schemes for igneous and metamorphic rock
(e.g., rhyolite, granite, basalt, schist, slate, marble, gneiss, etc.). Examples of
these classifications schemes are presented in Appendix 2;
Descriptions of the structural features encountered. As applicable, this should
include a description of planar features (e.g., bedding planes, graded bedding),
lineations, and other features related to vegetation, and discontinuities. The
orientation of these features should be measured and described when possible;
Moisture content (saturated, moist, dry), degree of weathering, color
(referenced to standardized colors when possible (e.g., Munsell color for moist
soil and unconsolidated materials)), and stain (e.g., presence of mottles, Fe 0 ),
2 3
as applicable;
If a field monitoring device (e.g., FID, PID) is used, the data from these
measurements, including sampling method, background and sample
concentrations, probe type, span setting, and calibration gas type and
concentration, should be provided to EPA as part of the boring log or field
Depth to the water table;
Depth to water bearing unit(s) and vertical extent of each water bearing unit;
Depth of borehole and reason for termination of borehole;
Depth, location, and identification of any evidence of contamination (e.g., odor,
staining) encountered in borehole;
Observations made during drilling (e.g., advance rate, water loss); and
Observations made during soil, unconsolidated material, or rock sampling (e.g.,
blow counts, sample recovery).
The subsurface boring log should contain at least the information identified with an
"X" in Table 3. Aller et al. (1989) provide an example format for a field boring log.
November 1992
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