hydrogeologic principles presented in the TEGD apply directly to permitted facilities as well
as to those in interim status, and are the basis for much of the guidance presented in this
Manual. Consequently, this Manual and the TEGD have a strong relationship and in certain
cases may be used together to provide support for regulatory and facility owner/operator
personnel. The contents of this Manual also are based on a review of the available open
literature, and on other existing Agency and State enforcement and permitting guidance
documents. In most cases, the procedures and methods presented in this Manual reflect
technical findings presented in other Agency guidance documents. In a few cases, the weight
of evidence in the open literature supports a deviation from the most recent Agency guidance.
As a result, some of the procedures and recommendations included in the TEGD and in
Chapter Eleven of SW 846 have been re evaluated based on current scientific findings, and
revised for inclusion in this Manual.
As stated previously, this Manual applies to permitted land disposal facilities operating
under 40 CFR Part 264. The TEGD, Chapter Eleven of SW 846, and this Manual are,
however, related thematically in terms of site characterization, monitoring well system design
and installation, and sampling and analysis. To the extent that this Manual provides more
current guidance on these ground water monitoring activities, those individuals presiding over
interim status facilities may wish to consult this Manual as a reference. In addition, the
following documents are key references for this Manual and are readily available to the
Aller, L., T.W. Bennett, G. Hackett, R.J. Petty, J.H. Lehr, H. Sedoris, D.M.
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Design and Installation of Ground Water Monitoring Wells. EPA/EMSL Las
Vegas, USEPA Cooperative Agreement CR 812350 01, EPA/600/4 89/034,
NTIS #PB90 159807.
Barcelona, M.J., H.A. Wehrmann, M.R. Schock, M.E. Sievers, and J.R. Karny.
September 1989. Sampling Frequency for Ground Water Quality Monitoring.
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Subsurface Remediation. EPA/625/4 91/026, 259 pp.
USEPA. July 1991. Handbook    Ground Water, Volume II: Methodology.
EPA/625/6 90/016b.
November 1992
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