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phpBB Web Hosting

phpBB web hosting accounts with Visionwebhosting are easy to install and use . You will find that with this php hosting manual. Installation of phpBB 2.0 will vary according to your server and database. If you have shell access to your account, you may want to upload the entire phpBB 2.0 archive (in binary mode!) to a directory on your host and unzip it there. If you do not have shell access or do not wish to use it, you will need to decompress the phpBB 2.0 archive to a local directory on your system. From there you must FTP all the files it contains (being sure to retain the directory structure) to your host. All .php, .inc, .sql, .cfg, .htm and .tpl files should be uploaded in ASCII mode, while all graphics should use binary mode. If you are unfamiliar with what this means, please refer to your FTP client documentation. In most cases this need not concern you since many FTP clients will automatically guess the correct mode to use.

If the file extension used to execute PHP scripts on your server is not .php but, for example, .php3 or .phtml, you should first rename all files ending in .php and change the value of $phpEx in In the vast majority of cases this step will be unnecessary.

Once all the files have been uploaded to your site you should point your browser to this location, eg. http://www.mysite.tld/phpBB2 or http://subdomain.mysite.tld/, etc. Of course replace these with the real location! Everything from this point is fully automated.

PLEASE NOTE, you should NOT place phpBB hosting 2.0 files into the same directory as phpBB 1.x! Create a new directory (or move your old phpBB 1.x out of the way); failure to do this will more than likely result in runtime errors.






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What if I plan to upgrade?

PHPBB WEB HOSTING / Upgrading from these versions is typically quite easy with Visionwebhosting phpbb web hosting accounts. First you should rename or copy your existing config.php to a temporary location. Next upload (see Installation for details if necessary) the new 2.0 files to the same location as your previous installation of phpBB 2.0, ie. overwrite the existing files. Next delete the newly uploaded copy of config.php and replace it with your existing copy (ie. rename or move back the copy you saved previously).

You should now run update_to_final.php which, depending on your previous version, will make a number of database changes. You may receive the occasional "FAILURE" during this procedure; they shouldn't be a cause for concern unless you see an actual "ERROR", in which case the script will stop.


phpBB Web Hosting


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