Appendix D
Control files and their fields (from old
Packaging Manual)
Many of the tools in the
suite manipulate data in a common format, known as control
files. Binary and source packages have control data as do the
files which control
the installation of uploaded files, and
's internal databases are in a similar format.
D.1 Syntax of control files
See `Syntax of control files' on page
It is important to note that there are several fields which are optional as far as
and the re 
lated tools are concerned, but which must appear in every Debian package, or whose omission
may cause problems.
D.2 List of fields
See `List of fields' on page
This section now contains only the fields that didn't belong to the Policy manual.
MSDOS Filename
These fields in
files give the filename(s) of (the parts of) a package in the distribution
directories, relative to the root of the Debian hierarchy. If the package has been split into several
parts the parts are all listed in order, separated by spaces.






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