Appendix B
Binary packages (from old Packaging
The binary package has two main sections. The first part consists of various control infor 
mation files and scripts used by
when installing and removing. See `Package control
information files' on the following page.
The second part is an archive containing the files and directories to be installed.
In the future binary packages may also contain other components, such as checksums and
digital signatures. The format for the archive is described in full in the
man page.
B.1 Creating package files  
dpkg deb
All manipulation of binary package files is done by
dpkg deb
; it's the only program that has
knowledge of the format. (
dpkg deb
may be invoked by calling
, as
will spot that
the options requested are appropriate to
dpkg deb
and invoke that instead with the same
In order to create a binary package you must make a directory tree which contains all the files
and directories you want to have in the file system data part of the package. In Debian format
source packages this directory is usually
, relative to the top of the package's
source tree.
They should have the locations (relative to the root of the directory tree you're constructing)
ownerships and permissions which you want them to have on the system when they are in 
With current versions of
the uid/username and gid/groupname mappings for the users
and groups being used should be the same on the system where the package is built and the
one where it is installed.
You need to add one special directory to the root of the miniature file system tree you're creat 
. It should contain the control information files, notably the binary package control






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