Chapter 9. The Operating System
in your script.
  When the configuration is reloaded
When a daemon is forced to reload its configuration files you should use the following
where description is the same as in the daemon starting message.
9.5 Cron jobs
Packages must not modify the configuration file
, and they must not modify
the files in
If a package wants to install a job that has to be executed via cron, it should place a file with
the name of the package in one or more of the following directories:
As these directory names imply, the files within them are executed on a daily, weekly, or
monthly basis, respectively. The exact times are listed in
All files installed in any of these directories must be scripts (e.g., shell scripts or Perl scripts) so
that they can easily be modified by the local system administrator. In addition, they should be
treated as configuration files.
If a certain job has to be executed more frequently than daily, the package should install a file
. This file uses the same syntax as
and is processed
automatically. The file must also be treated as a configuration file. (Note that entries
in the
directory are not handled by
. Thus, you should only use this
directory for jobs which may be skipped if the system is not running.)
The scripts or crontab entries in these directories should check if all necessary programs are
installed before they try to execute them. Otherwise, problems will arise when a package was
removed but not purged since configuration files are kept on the system in this situation.
9.6 Menus
The Debian
package provides a standard interface between packages providing appli 
cations and menu programs (either X window managers or text based menu programs such as
All packages that provide applications that need not be passed any special command line argu 
ments for normal operation should register a menu entry for those applications, so that users






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