Chapter 9. The Operating System
9.4 Console messages from
This section describes the formats to be used for messages written to standard output by the
scripts. The intent is to improve the consistency of Debian's startup and shut 
down look and feel. For this reason, please look very carefully at the details. We want the
messages to have the same format in terms of wording, spaces, punctuation and case of letters.
Here is a list of overall rules that should be used for messages generated by
  The message should fit in one line (fewer than 80 characters), start with a capital letter
and end with a period (
) and line feed (
  If the script is performing some time consuming task in the background (not merely
starting or stopping a program, for instance), an ellipsis (three dots:
) should be
output to the screen, with no leading or tailing whitespace or line feeds.
  The messages should appear as if the computer is telling the user what it is doing (politely
: ), but should not mention  it  directly. For example, instead of:
I'm starting network daemons: nfsd mountd.
the message should say
Starting network daemons: nfsd mountd.
script should use the following standard message formats for the situations enumer 
ated below.
  When daemons are started
If the script starts one or more daemons, the output should look like this (a single line,
no leading spaces):
daemon 1
daemon n
The description should describe the subsystem the daemon or set of daemons are part of,
while daemon 1 up to daemon n denote each daemon's name (typically the file name of
the program).
For example, the output of
would look like:
Starting printer spooler: lpd.
This can be achieved by saying
echo  n "Starting printer spooler: lpd"
start stop daemon   start   quiet   exec /usr/sbin/lpd
echo "."






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