Chapter 9. The Operating System
created and removed by the
maintainer scripts and not be included in
archive. These scripts must not fail if either of these operations fail.
For example, the
emacsen common
package could contain something like
if [ !  e /usr/local/share/emacs ]
if mkdir /usr/local/share/emacs 2>/dev/null
chown root:staff /usr/local/share/emacs
chmod 2775 /usr/local/share/emacs
in its
script, and
rmdir /usr/local/share/emacs/site lisp 2>/dev/null || true
rmdir /usr/local/share/emacs 2>/dev/null || true
in the
script. (Note that this form is used to ensure that if the script is interrupted, the
will still be removed.)
If you do create a directory in
for local additions to a package, you should ensure
that settings in
take precedence over the equivalents in
However, because
and its contents are for exclusive use of the local administra 
tor, a package must not rely on the presence or absence of files or directories in
for normal operation.
directory itself and all the subdirectories created by the package should
(by default) have permissions 2775 (group writable and set group id) and be owned by
9.1.3 The system wide mail directory
The system wide mail directory is
. This directory is part of the base system and
should not owned by any particular mail agents. The use of the old location
is deprecated, even though the spool may still be physically located there. To maintain
partial upgrade compatibility for systems which have
as their physical
mail spool, packages using
must depend on either
(>= 2.1.3 13), or on
base files
(>= 2.2.0), or on later versions of either one of these packages.
9.2 Users and groups
9.2.1 Introduction
The Debian system can be configured to use either plain or shadow passwords.






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