Chapter 9
The Operating System
9.1 File system hierarchy
9.1.1 File system Structure
The location of all installed files and directories must comply with the File system Hierarchy
Standard (FHS), version 2.1, except where doing so would violate other terms of Debian Pol 
icy. The version of this document referred here can be found in the
debian policy
age or on FHS (Debian copy) (
http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging manuals/
) alongside this manual (or, if you have the
debian policy
installed, you can try
FHS (local copy) (
file:///usr/share/doc/debian policy/fhs/
)). The latest version,
which may be a more recent version, may be found on FHS (upstream) (
). Specific questions about following the standard may be asked on
debian devel
mailing list, or referred to the FHS mailing list (see the FHS web site
) for more information).
9.1.2 Site specific programs
As mandated by the FHS, packages must not place any files in
, either by putting
them in the file system archive to be unpacked by
or by manipulating them in their
maintainer scripts.
However, the package may create empty directories below
so that the system
administrator knows where to place site specific files. These directories should be removed on
package removal if they are empty.
Note, that this applies only to directories below
, not in
. Packages
must not create sub directories in the directory
itself, except those listed in FHS,
section 4.5. However, you may create directories below them as you wish. You must not
remove any of the directories listed in 4.5, even if you created them.
can be mounted read only from a remote server, these directories must be






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