Chapter 7
Declaring relationships between
7.1 Syntax of relationship fields
These fields all have a uniform syntax. They are a list of package names separated by commas.
In the
Pre Depends
Build Depends
Build Depends Indep
control file fields of the package, which declare dependencies
on other packages, the package names listed may also include lists of alternative package
names, separated by vertical bar (pipe) symbols
. In such a case, if any one of the alternative
packages is installed, that part of the dependency is considered to be satisfied.
All of the fields except for
may restrict their applicability to particular versions of
each named package. This is done in parentheses after each individual package name; the
parentheses should contain a relation from the list below followed by a version number, in the
format described in `
' on page
The relations allowed are
for strictly earlier, earlier or equal, exactly
equal, later or equal and strictly later, respectively. The deprecated forms
were used to
mean earlier/later or equal, rather than strictly earlier/later, so they should not appear in new
packages (though
still supports them).
Whitespace may appear at any point in the version specification subject to the rules in `Syntax
of control files' on page
, and must appear where it's necessary to disambiguate; it is not
otherwise significant. For consistency and in case of future changes to
it is recommended
that a single space be used after a version relationship and before a version number; it is also
conventional to put a single space after each comma, on either side of each vertical bar, and
before each open parenthesis.
For example, a list of dependencies might appear as:
Package: mutt
Version: 1.3.17 1
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.2.1), exim | mail transport agent






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