Chapter 3. Binary packages
Put important information first, both in the synopsis and extended description. Sometimes
only the first part of the synopsis or of the description will be displayed. You can assume that
there will usually be a way to see the whole extended description.
The description should also give information about the significant dependencies and conflicts
between this package and others, so that the user knows why these dependencies and conflicts
have been declared.
Instructions for configuring or using the package should not be included (that is what instal 
lation scripts, manual pages, info files, etc., are for). Copyright statements and other admin 
istrivia should not be included either (that is what the copyright file is for).
3.4.1 The single line synopsis
The single line synopsis should be kept brief   certainly under 80 characters.
Do not include the package name in the synopsis line. The display software knows how to
display this already, and you do not need to state it. Remember that in many situations the
user may only see the synopsis line   make it as informative as you can.
3.4.2 The extended description
Do not try to continue the single line synopsis into the extended description. This will not work
correctly when the full description is displayed, and makes no sense where only the summary
(the single line synopsis) is available.
The extended description should describe what the package does and how it relates to the rest
of the system (in terms of, for example, which subsystem it is which part of).
The description field needs to make sense to anyone, even people who have no idea about any
of the things the package deals with.
3.5 Dependencies
Every package must specify the dependency information about other packages that are re 
quired for the first to work correctly.
For example, a dependency entry must be provided for any shared libraries required by a
dynamically linked executable binary in a package.
Packages are not required to declare any dependencies they have on other packages which
are marked
(see below), and should not do so unless they depend on a particular
version of that package.
The blurb that comes with a program in its announcements and/or
files is rarely suitable for use in a
description. It is usually aimed at people who are already in the community where the package is used.






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