Chapter 1. About this manual
While the authors of this document have tried hard to avoid typos and other errors, these
do still occur. If you discover an error in this manual or if you want to give any comments,
suggestions, or criticisms please send an email to the Debian Policy List,>
, or submit a bug report against the
debian policy
Please do not try to reach the individual authors or maintainers of the Policy Manual regarding
changes to the Policy.
1.4 Related documents
There are several other documents other than this Policy Manual that are necessary to fully
understand some Debian policies and procedures.
The external  sub policy  documents are referred to in:
  `File system Structure' on page
  `Virtual packages' on page
  `Menus' on page
  `Multimedia handlers' on page
  `Perl programs and modules' on page
  `Prompting in maintainer scripts' on page
  `Emacs lisp programs' on page
In addition to those, which carry the weight of policy, there is the Debian Developer's Refer 
ence. This document describes procedures and resources for Debian developers, but it is not
normative; rather, it includes things that don't belong in the Policy, such as best practices for
The Developer's Reference is available in the
developers reference
package. It's also
available from the Debian web mirrors at
/doc/developers reference/ (
http://www. reference/






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