Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO 
The IBM HTTP Server installed itself into /opt/IBMHTTPServer.  You need to add its bin directory to your
export PATH=/opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin:$PATH
Note that /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin was added to the front of the PATH so that the installed Web Server will
be used rather than any Web Server that might have come with your Linux distribution. 
To confirm that your PATH is correctly set up, check which Apache controller will be used.  Type: 
which apachectl
The output should reference apachectl in the /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin directory. 
Note: because the IBM HTTP Server is based upon Apache, it uses the Apache controller to start and stop it.
When you have both the IBM HTTP Server and Apache installed on a computer, take particular care to your
PATH to make sure you are working with the correct server. 
You may need to modify the IBM HTTP Server configuration file.  The configuration file was installed in
/opt/IBMHTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf.  The most common two entries that need to be changed are the
ServerName and the Listen port number.  Look for the key words "ServerName" and "Listen" in the
httpd.conf file.  The ServerName should be set to either your hostname or IP address.  If your computer uses
DHCP to acquire an IP address, the hostname is a better candidate.  However, in order to use your computer s
hostname, your computer s hostname and IP address must be properly registered in DNS. 
Additionally if you are running another Web server on the computer you need to assign the IBM HTTP
Server to another port so you can run both Web servers simultaneously if necessary. 
The following is an example entry in httpd.conf. 
Listen 3000
Confirming Your Installation 
To start the IBM HTTP Server, type the following: 
/opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/apachectl start
To confirm that the IBM HTTP Server is installed and running on your computer, open your web browser,
and enter the URL: "" substituting the correct IP address and port number entered into
You should see a web page to the effect of "Welcome to the IBM HTTP Server". Contratulations, you have
installed, set up an environment for, and tested the IBM HTTP Server for Linux. 
More Information
For more information, I suggest you look into the IBM HTTP Server Support page at
Confirming Your Installation 






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