Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO 
You will need to register with IBM, fill out a marketing survey, and accept the license agreement before
downloading. The IBM HTTP Server requires glibc either version 2.0 or 2.1. glibc is the new Linux libc.  If
you have an older distribution that is based upon libc5, you will not be able to use the IBM HTTP Server. 
On an RedHat Package Manager (RPM)-based Linux distribution, you can run: 
rpm -qa | grep libc
You will see output such as: 
This will show you which versions of libc5 and glibc you have installed on your Linux distribution.  In my
above example I have both glibc and libc5 installed on my system.  glibc is version 2.1, so I would want to
download the files for glibc2.1. 
I suggest downloading all of the tar files for the glib version of Linux that you have as they are relatively
small.  However, minimally you will need the server file.  For RedHat 6.0 and distributions derived from
Redhat 6.0 you will also need the redhat60only.  For glibc2.0 based distributions you will also need the libstdc
I suggest installing files in the /usr/local directory. After downloading the files, run: 
mkdir /usr/local/ibm
mv HTTPServer.linux.* /usr/local/ibm
You can now open the distribution package file or files. 
tar xvf [filename].tar
Where [filename] is the name of the file. 
Under the /usr/local/ibm directory, you now should see the directory IHS. 
Use the RedHat Package Manager (RPM) to install the rpm files that the tar file produced.  If you needed the
libstdc file, you will need to install that file first.  Then you would install the server RPM file such as: 
cd IHS
rpm -i IBM_HTTP_Server-1.3.6-2.i386.rpm
The above example shows version 1.3.6 for the Intel architecture. Substitute the filename as appropriate. 
After installing you can delete the rpm files as they can be easily  recreated from the tar files. 
Setting up Your Environment 
The environment variables to set up are: 






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