Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO 
2.2 IBM Java Developer Kit 
The IBM Java Developer Kit and Runtime Environment pass Sun s Java compatibility test and include the
latest maintenance.  (From the IBM website.) 
As of the time of this writing, the IBM Java Developer Kit is current with JDK 1.1.8 and is available only on
the Intel architecture. 
The IBM Java Developer Kit can be obtained from 
In order to download, you will have to register with the IBM website and agree to the license online. 
The files available include: 
 - The Java Development Kit contains everything you need to compile,
run, and debug Java. 
 - The Java Runtime Environment contains everything you need to run
Since you will be doing Java development, I suggest downloading the ibm-jdk tarball file. 
I suggest installing files in the /usr/local directory. After downloading the files, run: 
mkdir /usr/local/ibm
mv ibm-jdk-l118-linux-x86.tgz /usr/local/ibm
You can now open the distribution package.  To do this, type: 
tar zxvf ibm-jdk-l118-linux-x86.tgz
Under the /usr/local/ibm directory, you now should see  the jdk118 directory. 
The above example shows JDK 1.1.8 for the Intel architecture.  Substitute the filenames as appropriate. 
Setting up Your Environment 
The environment variables to set up are: 
The JAVA_HOME environment variable references the home directory of your JDK installation.  Set your
JAVA_HOME environment variable to the directory into which you just installed a version of the IBM Java
 2.2 IBM Java Developer Kit 






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