Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO 
 - The internationalization font mappings and a JAR containing the international character
 - Additional binaries providing native thread support. 
I suggest downloading only the jdk for Java development in English. 
When downloading the Blackdown files, you may need to select between libc5 and glibc as well as
potentially a specific version of glibc. The libc options include: 
libc5 - The older, and still most common, Linux libc is libc5. 
glibc - The new Linux libc. 
If you are using a newer distribution of Linux, you will most likely have glibc. I suggest initially trying glibc. 
I suggest installing files in the /usr/local directory. After downloading the files, run: 
mkdir /usr/local/blackdown
mv jdk* /usr/local/blackdown
If you downloaded the tarball format, run: 
tar zxvf [filename].tar.gz
Where [filename] is the name of the file. 
Under the /usr/local/blackdown directory, you now should see a directory such as jdk1.2.2. 
The above example shows JDK 1.2.2 release candidate 3 for the Intel architecture. Substitute the file name,
version number, release candidate number, and architecture as appropriate.  You will need to open each
distribution package file in the above manner. 
Setting up Your Environment 
The environment variables to set up are: 
The JAVA_HOME environment variable references the home directory of your JDK installation.  Set your
JAVA_HOME environment variable to the directory into which you just installed a version of the Blackdown
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/blackdown/jdk1.2.2
The $JAVA_HOME/bin directory has the Java compiler (javac) and the Java Virtual Machine (java) as well
as other necessary programs for development. Add $JAVA_HOME/bin to your PATH. 
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH






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