Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO 
Blackdown JDK
IBM Java Developer Kit 
Sun J2SE 
If you are going to try just one JDK, I suggest you initially try the Sun J2SE, unless you are recommended
otherwise by specific software you are using or want to use. Additionally, if you are interested in an open
source implementation, you will need to use Kaffe. 
2.1 Blackdown JDK 
The Blackdown JDK is a port of Sun JDK to Linux.  As of the time of this writing, the Blackdown JDK is
current with JDK 1.2.2 on the Intel architecture and 1.1.8 on the PowerPC. 
In December 1999, Sun announced availability of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Endition (J2SE) on Linux.
This Sun release has significant impact on Blackdown because Blackdown is a port. In a press release, Sun
states, "This week s announcement would not have been possible without the  collaboration of Blackdown, a
group of developers and enthusiasts around the globe.  Since its inception, Blackdown has been a provider of
Java technology for the Linux platform.  Their dedicated effort over a number of years has laid the foundation
for this release of the Java 2 platform port to Linux; in particular their effort was critical to the success of this
Additionally, the Sun press release continues, "Blackdown.org continues to be a valuable source for Java
technology for Linux, including JDK 1.1.x releases." 
The Blackdown JDK can be obtained from 
>From the Blackdown home page, select download and a mirror site. 
Select the version of the JDK you want.  If other software that you are wanting to use does not recommend a
specific version, I suggest the most current, which is at the time of this writing, JDK 1.2.2. 
Select the machine architecture you are installing on.  For Intel architecture, select i386. 
Select the release candidate you want.  If other software that you are wanting to use does not recommend a
specific release candidate, I suggest the most recent or final version if available. 
For the Blackdown JDK, there are possibly a number of different files available in different packaging
formats.  Additionally you have to be sure you get support for the right libc for your Linux distribution. 
The files available include: 
 - The Java Development Kit contains everything you need to compile, run, and debug Java.  It
does not contain international character converters. 
 - The Java Runtime Environment, including international character converters. 
 - A minimal Java Runtime Environment that does not include  international character converters. 
 2.1 Blackdown JDK 






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