Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO 
 How to Setup Java Server Pages (JSP) Support
5.1 Apache Jakarta
5.2 Caucho Resin
5.3 Jetty
 How to Setup JDBC Support 
6.1 IBM DB2 
6.2 MiniSQL 
6.3 MySQL 
6.4 Oracle 
6.5 PostgreSQL 
6.6 Sybase 
 How to Setup Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Support 
7.1 BEA WebLogic 
7.2 EJBoss
7.3 Bullsoft JOnAS EJB 
1.1 Background
This document was started January, 1999 by Gary Meyer ( 
) after several weeks of installing
various open source and proprietary Enterprise Java products for Linux.  "Enterprise Java" is defined as using
the Java Enterprise APIs. 
Some updates were added by Greg Wilkins  ( 
) in November 2001 however parts of the
document are still out of date. 
1.2 Audience
This HOWTO is intended to benefit software professionals who are interested in evaluating, developing, or
deploying Enterprise Java on Linux.  Limited knowledge or experience in either Linux or Java is assumed. 
1.3 New Versions 
The newest version of this document can be found at the Linux Documentation Project website at:
1.4 Copyright and License 
This document is Copyright (c) 1999-2001 by Gary Meyer and Greg Wilkins.  Permission is granted to copy,
5. How to Setup Java Server Pages (JSP) Support






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