Technical Support 
If a problem arises with your system, you should turn to your dealer for help first. Your 
system has most likely been configured by them, and they should have the best idea of 
what hardware and software your system contains. Hence, they should be of the most 
assistance. Furthermore, if you purchased your system from a dealer near you, you can 
actually bring your system to them to have it serviced, instead of attempting to do so 
yourself (which can have expensive consequences). 
Help Resources: 
1. See the beep codes section of this manual on pg 38. 
2. See the TYAN website for FAQ's, bulletins, driver updates, and     
    other information: 
3. Contact your dealer for help BEFORE calling TYAN. 
4. Check the TYAN user group: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.TYAN 
Returning Merchandise for Service 
During the warranty period, contact your distributor or system vendor FIRST for any 
product problems. This warranty only covers normal customer use and does not cover 
damages incurred during shipping or failure due to the alteration, misuse, abuse, or 
improper maintenance of products. 
NOTE: A receipt or copy of your invoice marked with the date of purchase is 
required before any warranty service can be rendered. You may obtain service by 
calling the manufacturer for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. 
The RMA number should be prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping 
carton and the package should be mailed prepaid. TYAN will pay to have the board 
shipped back to you. 






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