Appendix II: SMDC Information 
Tyan Server Management Daughter Card (SMDC) is a powerful yet cost efficient 
solution for high end server management hardware packages.  Tyan's goal is to 
provide remote system monitoring and control even when the operating system is 
absence or simply fails.  This empowers Tyan's server board with advanced industrial 
standard features. 
Tyan SMDC is a snap in card that provides essential server management solution.  It 
enables any IT Manager by providing multi interfaces to access the hardware 
remotely and perform monitor, control and diagnose activities effectively.  
Tyan SMDC is powered by an intelligent controller known as Baseboard Management 
Control (BMC).  BMC is a standalone mini CPU and runs on its own Real Time 
Operating System (RTOS) to complete all different kinds of tasks.  Backed by 
QLogic's ARM7 technology, IT manager can rest assure his server machines are 
always taken care. 
Tyan SMDC is not a peripheral card.  Unlike regular peripheral card such as AGP card, 
Network card or SCSI card, SMDC does not require any hardware specific driver.  As 
long as a standby power comes into the system, SMDC will begin looking after the 
Tyan SMDC provides diversified methods to communicate with the hardware.  IT 
manager has the flexibility to choose among Keyboard Controller Style (KCS), Block 
Transfer (BT) style, Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB), Intelligent Platform 
Management Bus (IPMB), Emergency Management Port (EMP) and standard IPMI 
Over LAN communication as defined in latest IPMI 1.5 specification. 
Tyan SMDC is compatible with all IPMI compliance software as well as Tyan System 
Operator  (TSO) software package. 
By adding SMDC, Tyan's server board becomes a highly manageable and IPMI 
compatible system with all the advanced features suggesting in IPMI Spec.  
More detailed information on Tyan's SMDC card can be found on our website: 






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