SIMM (Single In line Memory Module): Formerly the most common RAM for 
motherboards. They must be installed in pairs, and don't have the capacity or the speed 
of DIMM modules. 
Sleep/Suspend mode: in this mode, all devices except the CPU shut down. 
SSI (Server System Infrastructure): an industry initiative intended to provide ready to 
use design specifications for common server hardware elements (chassis, power supplies, 
and racks) to promote and support server industry growth. 
Standby mode: in this mode, the video and hard drives shut down; all other devices 
continue to operate normally. 
Striping: see RAID 
UltraDMA 33/66/100: a fast version of the old DMA channel. UltraDMA is also called 
UltraATA. Without a proper UltraDMA controller, your system cannot take advantage of 
higher data transfer rates of the new UltraDMA/UltraATA hard drives. 
USB (Universal Serial Bus): a versatile port. This one port type can function as a serial, 
parallel, mouse, keyboard or joystick port. It is fast enough to support video transfer, and 
is capable of supporting up to 127 daisy chained peripheral devices. 
VGA (Video Graphics Array): the PC video display standard 
V SYNC: controls the vertical scanning properties of the monitor. 
Wake On LAN (WOL): A remote wake up technology that enables you to remotely power 
systems "on" for off hours maintenance. A result of the Intel IBM Advanced Manageability 
Alliance and part of the Wired for Management Baseline Specification, this technology 
helps save time on automated software installations, upgrades, disk backups and virus 
scans. Equally important, it increases end user productivity by moving such planned 
disruptions to off hours. 
Watch Dogtimer (WDT):  A device that performs a specific operation after a certain 
period of time if something goes wrong with an electronic system and the system doesn t 
recover on its own. The WDT contains a digital counter that counts down to zero at a 
constant speed from a preset number. The counter speed is kept constant by a clock 
circuit. If the counter reaches zero before the computer recovers, a signal is sent to 
designated circuits to perform the desired action, e.g. reset the system. A normally 
functioning system must re load the WDT occasionally, to prevent the counter from 
reaching zero. 
ZCR: Zero Channel RAID.  PCI card that allows a RAID card to use the onboard SCSI 
chip, thus lowering cost of RAID solution 
ZIF Socket (Zero Insertion Force socket): these sockets make it possible to insert 
CPUs without damaging the sensitive CPU pins. The CPU is lightly placed in an open ZIF 
socket, and a lever is pulled down. This shift the processor over and down, guiding into 
the board and locking it into place.






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