Before adding a new drive to an array, back up any data contained on 
the new drive. Otherwise, all data will be lost. 
A RAID 1 created using the Quick Init option may return some data 
miscompares if you later run a consistency check. This is normal and 
is not a cause for concern. 
The Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility allows you to use drives of 
different sizes in a RAID 1. If you choose the smaller drive as the 
second drive, you will be warned about the risk of data loss. 
Do not interrupt the creation of a RAID 0 using the Migrate option. If 
you do, there is no way to restart and no way to recover the data that 
was on the source drive. 
When you are finished, press Done. 
4.6 Add/Delete Hotspare 
===Adaptec Embedded SATA HostRAID Controller #0 Array Configuration Utility=== 
 Main Menu 
Manage Array 
Create Array 
d/Delete Hotspare 
Initialize Drives 
Display, Add, Delete hotspare 
Create a drive spare: 
Select option Add / Delete Hotspare and press the  key to create the drive 
The following prompt is displayed: 
Do you want to create a spare? (Yes/No): 
2. Press 
Y to create the drive spare. 
3. Press 
Esc to return to the previous menu. 






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