4.3 Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility 
The Serial ATA RAID sets must be configured in the RAID Configuration utility. This 
configuration can be done by the Adaptec
 RAID Option ROM. During the Power On Self 
Test (POST), the following message will appear for a few seconds: Press  to 
enter RAID Configuration Utility. After this message appears, press the  and  
keys simultaneously, the following screen menu appears. 
The `Drive Model', `Serial #', and `Size' listed in your system can 
differ from the following example. 
   Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility    
Adaptec Embedded SATA HostRAID Controller#0
Array Configuration Utility 
Disk Utilities 
Arrow keys to move cursor,  to select option,  to exit (*=default) 
4.4 Manage Array 
Use the Manage Arrays option to view array properties and members, and delete arrays. 
The following sections describe these operations in greater detail. 
===Adaptec Embedded SATA HostRAID Controller#0 Array Configuration Utility=== 
 Main Menu 
Manage Array 
Create Array 
dd/Delete Hotspare 
Initialize Drives 
Display, Delete the Arrays 






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