Chapter 4: SATA/RAID Setup (Option) 
The motherboard supports RAID 0 or 1 for Serial ATA drives through the Intel ICH5 R 
chipset. The Serial ATA as RAID option must be enabled in the BIOS before the system 
can load the Adaptec RAID option ROM code for Intel  RAID. The Adaptec  RAID 
option ROM is a standard PnP (Plug and Play) option ROM that provides a pre operating 
system user interface for the Intel  RAID implementation. It also allows the boot order to 
be selected from within the BIOS setup utility. 
For this information, please check Tyan's web site at:
Before installing the driver into an existing system, backup any 
important or useful data. Failure to follow this accepted PC practice 
could result in data loss. 
The Intel RAID feature is available in Win2000 and WinXP. 
4.1 BIOS Configuration 
Enter the BIOS setup program by pressing the  key after the Power On Self 
Test (POST) memory test begins. 
Select the Integrated Peripherals menu, then the On Chip IDE Configuration 
Switch the SATA Mode option from IDE to RAID 
Switch the Configure S ATA as RAID option from [No] to [Yes] 
Press  to save the BIOS setting and exit the BIOS setup program. 
4.2 Installing Serial ATA (SATA) hard disks 
Installing Serial ATA (SATA) hard disks requires the use of a new SATA data cable (4 
conductor) which supports the Serial ATA protocol and a SATA power cable. Either end of 
the SATA data cable can be connected to the SATA hard disk or the SATA connector on 
the motherboard. 
Both the data and power SATA cables are new cables. You 
cannot use older 40 pin 80 conductor IDE or regular IDE power 
cables with SATA hard drives. 
Carefully follow any technical instructions that come from the 
hard disk manufacturer. 
Follow the given steps for correct cable installation: 
Attach either cable end to the SATA connector on the motherboard. 
Attach the other cable end to the SATA hard disk. 






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