3.5  Advanced PCI/PnP Menu 
You can use this screen to view PnP (Plug & Play) BIOS Configuration Menu. This 
menu allows the user to configure how the BIOS assigns resources & resolves conflicts. 
Use the up and down arrow (   /   ) keys to select an item. Use the Plus and Minus (+/ ) 
keys to change the value of the selected option. The settings are described on the 
following pages. 
BIOS Setup Utility 
Main      Advanced      PCI/PnP       Boot       Security       Chipset         Exit 
Advanced PCI/PnP Settings 
Use [ENTER], [TAB] or 
[SHIFT_TAB] to select a 
WARING: Setting wrong values in below sections may  
cause system to malfunction. 
Use [+] or [ ] to configure 
Plug & Play OS                                                [Yes] 
system time. 
PCI Latency Timer                                          [64] 
Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA                                [Yes] 
Palette Snooping                                             [Disabled]
PCI IDE BusMaster                                         [Enabled] 
IRQ3                                                                [Available]
IRQ4                                                                [Available]
IRQ5                                                                [Available]
IRQ7                                                                [Available]
IRQ9                                                                [Available]
IRQ10                                                              [Available]
IRQ11                                                              [Available]
IRQ14                                                              [Available]
IRQ15                                                              [Available]
DMA Channel_0                                              [Available]
DMA Channel_1                                              [Available]
DMA Channel_3                                              [Available]
DMA Channel_5                                              [Available]
DMA Channel_6                                              [Available]
        Select Screen 
DMA Channel_7                                              [Available]
 Select Item 
+/      Change Option 
Reserved Memory Size                                   [Disabled]
F1     General Help 
F10   Save and Exit 
Extended BIOS Data Area                              [Enabled] 
ESC  Exit 






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