2.28   Installing the Power Supply
There are two power connectors on your Tiger i7501R S2735. The Tiger i7501R S2735 
requires that you have an EPS12V power supply that has a 24 pin and an 8 pin power 
connector. Please be aware that ATX 2.x, ATX12V and ATXGES power supplies are not 
compatible with the board and can damage the motherboard and/or CPU(s). 
Disconnect power supply from electrical outlet 
Connect the EPS12V 8 pin power connector 
Connect the EPS12V 24 pin power connector  
Connect power cable to power supply to power outlet 
Make sure you have connected both connectors before attempting to apply power 
to the board. 
YOU MUST unplug the power supply before plugging the power cables 
to motherboard connectors. 
2.29   Finishing Up 
Congratulations on making it this far! You're finished setting up the hardware aspect of 
your computer. Before closing up your chassis, make sure that all cables and wires are 
connected properly, especially IDE cables and most importantly, jumpers. You may have 
difficulty powering on your system if the motherboard jumpers are not set correctly. 
In the rare circumstance that you have experienced difficulty, you can find help by asking 
your vendor for assistance. If they are not available for assistance, please find setup 
information and documentation online at our website or by calling your vendor's 
support line.  






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