2.26   Installing Add In Cards 
Before installing add in cards, it's helpful to know if they are fully compatible with your 
motherboard. For this reason, we've provided the diagrams below, showing the most 
common slots that may appear on your motherboard. Not all of the slots shown will 
necessarily appear on your motherboard, however, there will be combinations of what you 
see here. 
Simply find the appropriate slot for your add in card and insert the card firmly. Do not 
force any add in cards (or anything else) into any slots if they won't seat in place. It's 
better to try another slot or return the faulty card rather than damaging both the 
motherboard and the add in card. 
TIP: It's good practice to install add in cards in a staggered manner, rather than directly 
adjacent to each other. This allows air to more easily circulate within the chassis, 
providing improved cooling for all installed devices. 
YOU MUST unplug the power connector to the motherboard before 
performing system hardware changes, to avoid damaging the board or 
expansion device. 






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