Floppy Drives 
Attaching a floppy drive can be done in a similar manner to an IDE drive. See the diagram 
below for an example of a floppy cable. Most of the current floppy drives on the market 
require that the cable be installed with the colored stripe positioned next to the power 
connector. In most cases, there will be a key pin on the cable which will force proper 
connection of the cable. 
The first floppy drive (commonly 
denoted as A:) is usually attached to 
the end of the cable with the twist in it. 
Drive B: is usually connected to the 
second or third connector in the cable 
(the second or third connector after 
you install Drive A:).  
Refer to your floppy drive's installation 
instructions (if available), or contact 
your dealer if you are unsure about 
how to attach the floppy drive(s). 
Remember, you can only have 2 floppy 
drives connected at any given time. 
Below are some symptoms of incorrectly installed floppy drives. While they are minor and 
installing them incorrectly doesn't cause severe problems, it may cause your system to 
freeze or crash when trying to read and/or write to diskettes. 
Symptoms of incorrectly installed floppy drives 
Usually caused by faulty cables, cables 
put in backwards or a bad floppy drive 
or motherboard. Try another floppy 
drive to verify the problem if the cable 
Drive is not automatically detected 
is properly installed or try replacing the 
actual cable. Also check to see if the 
onboard floppy controller is enabled in 
the BIOS setup. 
The cable, floppy drive or motherboard 
Drive Fail message at bootup 
may be faulty. Try another drive or 
cable to verify. 
Check power cable and cabling. 
Drive does not power on 
Maybe a bad power supply or drive 
cable problem. 
Usually signifies that the cable on the 
drive is on backwards, which is a 
Drive activity light is constantly on 
common issue. Reverse the cable at 
the floppy drive end and try again. 






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