2.25   Attaching Drive Cables 
Attaching IDE drive cabling is simple. These cables are  keyed  to only allow them to be 
connected in the correct manner. Tyan motherboards have two on board IDE channels, 
each supporting two drives. The black connector designates the Primary channel, 
while the white connector designates the Secondary channel. 
Attaching IDE cables to the IDE connectors is illustrated below: 
Simply plug in the BLUE END of the IDE cable into the motherboard IDE connector, and 
the other end(s) into the drive(s). Each standard IDE cable has three connectors, two of 
which are closer together. The BLUE connector that is furthest away from the other two is 
the end that connects to the motherboard. The other two connectors are used to connect 
to drives. 
SATA (Serial ATA connectors) 
With SATA cables, both ends are 
the same. You can attach either end 
to the motherboard or hard drive. 






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