2.23   Installing the Processor and Heatsink 
Your Tiger i7501R S2735 supports the latest processor technologies from Intel. Check the 
following page on TYAN's website for latest processor support: 
The following diagrams will detail how to install your processor(s): 
The processors you choose to use may not look exactly like the one pictured above, nor 
will the socket look exactly the same.  The diagram is provided as a visual guide to help 
you install socket processors. 
1.  Lift the lever on the socket until it is approximately 130
or as far back as 
possible to the socket. 
Align the processor with the socket. There are keys underneath the processor 
just like on memory modules to ensure that they insert the correct way. 
3.  Seat the processor firmly into the socket by gently pressing down until the 
processor sits flush with the socket. 
Place the socket lever back down until it snaps into place. 
Your processor is installed. 
Repeat these steps for the second processor if you are using two processors. 
NOTE: If using only one CPU, it must be installed in CPU1 socket. 
Heatsink Installation 
After you are done installing the processor(s), you should proceed to installing their 
heatsinks. Heatsinks will ensure that the processors do not overheat and continue to 
operate at maximum performance for as long as you own them. Overheated processors 
may damage the motherboard. 
Because there are many different types of heatsinks available from many different 
manufacturers, a lot of them have their own method of installation. For the safest method 
of installation and information on choosing the appropriate heatsink, please refer to Intel's 
website at http://www.intel.com. 






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