Memory Installation Procedure 
The Tiger i7501R S2735 requires that memory modules be installed in pairs. Please 
refer to the next page for exact details on installing memory modules correctly. 
When installing memory modules, make sure the modules align properly with the memory 
socket. There should be keys (small indents) on your memory modules that fit according 
to the keys in the memory socket. DDR modules and sockets have only one key, which is 
slightly near the center of the module/socket. The method of installing memory modules is 
detailed in the following diagrams. 
Once the memory modules are firmly seated in the socket, two clamps on either side will 
close and secure the module into the socket. Sometimes you may need to close the 
clamps manually. 
To remove the memory module, simply push the clamps outwards until the memory 
module pops up. Then simply remove the module. 
TIP: When installing memory, a module may require a considerable amount of force to 
seat properly, although this is very rare. To avoid bending and damaging your 
motherboard, place it on its anti static bag and onto a flat surface, and then proceed with 
memory installation. 
YOU MUST unplug the power connector to the motherboard before 
performing system hardware changes, to avoid damaging the board or 
expansion device. 






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