2.21   Mounting the Motherboard 
Before installing your motherboard, make sure your chassis has the necessary 
motherboard support studs installed. These studs are usually metal and are gold in color. 
Usually, the chassis manufacturer will pre install the support studs. If you're unsure of 
stud placement, simply lay the motherboard inside the chassis and align the screw holes 
of the motherboard to the studs inside the case. If there are any studs missing, you will 
know right away since the motherboard will not be able to be securely installed. 
Some chassis' include plastic studs instead of metal. Although the plastic studs are 
usable, Tyan recommends using metal studs with screws that will fasten the motherboard 
more securely in place. 
Below is a chart detailing what the most common motherboard studs look like and how 
they should be installed. 
TIP: Use metal studs if possible, as they hold the motherboard into place more securely 
than plastic standoffs. 






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