Integrated IDE (Parallel ATA) 
Intelligent Platform Management 
    Provides two PCI bus master channels 
Interface (Manufacturing Option) 
for up to four UDMA IDE devices*  
  QLogic Zircon Baseboard Management 
  Support for UDMA 33/66/100 IDE and 
  Controller (BMC) based on powerful  
ATAPI devices 
ARM7 technology 
  Tailored for IPMI highest 1.5  
Integrated I/O 
  One floppy connector supports up to 
  Supports KCS and BT styles 
two drives 
  Supports flexible Windows and Linux 
  Two 9 pin serial ports (one connector  
based Management Solution 
and one header) 
  Supports RMCP and SNMP protocols 
  One 25 pin ECP/EPP/SPP parallel 
  Supports ASF standard and EMP 
C serial multi master controllers and  
  Four USB 2.0 ports (2 rear connectors  
and 2 headers) 
  Supports remote Power on/off and reset 
  PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors 
  support (IPMI over LAN) 
  Server Management Daughter card 
  connection via a built in 2x25 header 
  AMI BIOS 8.0 on 4Mbit Flash ROM 
  SCSI Daughter Card (M7902) via built 
  LAN remote boot (PXE) and SMBIOS  
in SO DIMM socket 
v2.3 support 
  BIOS Boot Specification v3.1 (BBS)  
Integrated 2D/3D Graphics 
  ATI RAGE XL PCI graphics controller 
  Auto configuration of IDE hard disk  
  8MB Frame Buffer of video memory 
System Management* 
Form Factor 
  Total of nine 3 pin fan headers 
  ATX footprint (PCB size: 12  x 10.0 ) 
  Six fan headers with tachometer  
  EPS12V power connector (24 pin and  
8 pin) 
  One 2 pin Chassis Intrusion header 
  One serial connector, & one VGA  
  Temperature, voltage and fan  
  Stacked USB (two) connectors and RJ 
  Watchdog timer 
45 LAN port on top (Optional) 
  Stacked PS/2 mouse and keyboard  
Power Management 
  ACPI 2.0 compliant 
  Two RJ 45 Side by side connectors with
PCI Bus 
  PCI rev 2.3 specifications at 33MHz. 
Hyper Threading Support In: 
Windows 2000 Server 
Windows 2000 Advanced Server 
  FCC Class B (Declaration of  
Windows XP Pro 
Windows NT 4.0 Server + SP6A 
  European Community CE (Declaration  
Windows Server 2003 
of Conformity) 
Linux (Kernel 2.4.18) or higher 
TYAN reserves the right to add 
support or discontinue support for any 
OS with or without notice. 






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