Chapter 1: Introduction 
1.1   Congratulations! 
You have purchased one of the most powerful Dual Intel processor solutions, the Tiger 
i7501R S2735. Based on Intel s E7501 chipset, the Tiger i7501R S2735 is Hyper 
Threading ready   utilizing onboard resources so that a second thread of data can be 
processed in a single processor. Compatible with EPS12V power supplies, this platform 
offers convenient remote Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) monitoring 
through a Server Management Daughter Card.  The Tiger i7501R also features an ATX 
form factor, Gigabit Ethernet port, Fast Ethernet port, and an onboard ATI 8MB PCI 
RAGE XL VGA, which provides an advanced and versatile solution for your server needs. 
Remember to visit TYAN's Website at
. There you can find 
information on all of TYAN's products with FAQs, distributors list and BIOS setting 
1.2   Hardware Specifications 
Expansion Slots 
  Dual mPG604 ZIF Sockets 
  Three independent PCI X/PCI buses 
  Supports one or two Intel Xeon  
  Two 64 bit 133/100/66MHz (3.3V) PCI  
processors with 512K L2 cache  
X slots 
533MHz, 400MHz FSB and 1MB L3 
  Two 32 bit 33MHz (5V) PCI slots 
cache 533MHz FSB 
  Total of four usable slots 
  Onboard 4 phase VRM (VRM 9.1 spec)
  Front Side Bus support for 533 &  
Integrated IDE (SATA) 
  Provides independent DMA operation 
on 2 ports* 
  Data transfer rates up to 150MB/s 
  Intel E7501 server chipset 
  Supports RAID 0, 1 (with  
  MCH + ICH5R + P64H2 + FWH   
82801ER/ICH5R) (Option) 
  Intel P64H2 supports two PCI X buses 
*NOTE: Maximum number of IDE devices 
  Winbond W83627HF Super I/O chip 
supported with any combination of 
  Winbond W83782D (or Analog  
Integrated IDE and SATA IDE is four 
ADM1027***) hardware monitoring chip 
***NOTE: ADM1027 chip may be 
For example: 2 SATA and 2 P ATA 
available on some Tiger i7501R models. 
Check the Tyan website for updates:
Integrated LAN Controllers 
 82546EB dual channel Gigabit 
Ethernet controller. (Default 
  Six 184 pin 2.5 Volt DDR DIMM sockets
  Supports up to 12GB of Registered 
  Two RJ 45 connectors with LEDs 
  DDR200/266 (PC1600/PC2100) 
  Connected to133MHz PCI X bus 
  Dual channel memory bus  
Two 4 pin headers for external LED 
  Supports Registered ECC type memory
  modules only 
** Manufacturing Option: 
 82551QM Fast Ethernet controller 
One RJ 45 LAN connector with LEDs  
One 4 pin headers for external LED 






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